Monday, 2 March 2009

So long, Noah

American photographer and blogger Noah Grey is a legend to anyone who ever saw his incredible pictures or read his writing. For many years he was an example of just how much great work could be shared on a website.

And now it's gone: his amazing portfolio in its ever-expanding glory; Grey Expectations, his daily photolog; and Noah's Lark, his blog.

For some years Noah lived in Redondo Beach, California, and his pictures were of beaches and seabirds and surfers and Californians in the sun. Then he and his husband separated and he went home to Texas for a spell: I remember pictures of liveoaks and leaves. Then, after publishing his book of lush Californian pictures, California, he met a new love, Barry, with whom he moved to Dublin, Ireland. His Dublin pictures were misty, foggy, rainy: as gentle and subtle as his Californian pictures had been bold and brassy. He wrote of his great happiness with Barry, and his new life in Ireland. And then the unthinkable happened: Barry had a seizure in his sleep and could not be revived.

All that remains of is a picture of Barry, vignetted with shadows.

Noah has moved on, obviously. I hope he is all right, and still taking his amazing pictures and writing about things. In all the years I followed his website I never bought a print of one of his pictures, I never commented, I never emailed him. But I admired him hugely. Is it fatuous to say I revelled in his successes and grieved for his sadness?

So long, Noah, you are much missed. I'm sure many others feel the same.