Friday, 28 March 2008

The lives of others

In 2001, American John Freyer decided to sell everything he owned on EBay, including his furniture, clothes, rolls of undeveloped film, kitchenware, the food in his cupboards, and the personal hygiene products in his bathroom. He even sold the right to be him at his birthday party: to receive his presents, and to go out with his friends.

That wasn't the end of the story, though: having sold most of his possessions he kept in touch with all the people who had bought them, and he later went on a road trip around the US, visiting them all.

So you could say he lost his possessions but gained a lot of new friends.

You can read his story here, or buy the book All My Life for Sale.

Now a man in Australia wants to sell his whole "life package" on EBay: his house, car and possessions, and even his job, so he can walk away from painful memories, and start over. That story is here.

Update: more here. And he now has his own website, with a welcome to potential buyers from his friends!

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