Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Sophie Ryder

English sculptor Sophie Ryder is installing some amazing new work at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park: 6 metre tall "hare-ladies", creatures with human bodies and hare heads.

You can read about the exhibition here.
And see some of the huge work under construction here.

Sophie Ryder has a website with lots of stunning exanples of her work here.
Some of my favourites are the Curled-up Figure, Sitting Lady-Hare on Dog, Conversation, Lady Hare Holding Dog, Dancing Hares, the wire drawing Eye, and the two collograph prints Kneeling Figure and Bending Figure.


Jana said...

I'm impressed that you managed to post this on the 22nd of April - especially as today is only the 16th!

How does one futureblog? ;-)

Grace Dalley said...

Hmm yes, impressive, isn't it?!

I thought I was using the new Blogger feature that allows you to line up a blog post to be published in the future...only it seems not to have worked how I expected!