Monday, 20 April 2009

Sharing photographs on the internet

I love showing people my pictures, saying: this is where I've been; this is what it looks like; this is what I saw; these are the things I like; this is my way of seeing....

Taking photographs is something I do for money, and although I love it, I also take it seriously. I love people to look and enjoy, but I don't want them to appropriate. Copyright applies on the web as it does anywhere else.

I have begun marking the images I post here so they are clearly identified as mine. It's hard to find a balance between making a clear, legible marking, and not wrecking the appearance of the image; I'm not sure I've got it right yet, and I'd value feedback on this.

I sell prints of my photos; I also licence them for use on the internet and in print media. If there's something here you want, contact me at for a quote.

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