Monday, 3 August 2009

Chancy photography

Johnny Stiletto is famous for shooting from the hip, literally: taking photos when there's not enough time, or not enough light, or no way to keep the camera steady, or a need to keep moving. Sometimes the results are extraordinary, and sometimes the imperfect results have a beauty that more "careful" photography lacks.

If you've got some time, have a look through his portfolio here. His commentary which accompanies the images is equally quirky and interesting.

A few of my favourites:
The Henry Moore sculpture with the strange-looking real person.
The woman in the cathedral who seems to de-materialise.
The painter and his tools, seen from below the glass-brick pavement.
The shop-window dummy with ennui.
A view of the waiter from behind the folded napkin.


Paul said...

Very good, especially Francis Bacon on the tube.

Grace Dalley said...

Yes, apparently it was one of Bacon's favourite images of himself.
I like the one of Mick Jagger's retreating back, too. :-)