Thursday, 21 January 2010

Warning: Total Perspective Vortex!

Douglas Adams thought up the Total Perspective Vortex, a fictional device which shows you exactly how tiny and insignificant you really are. This isn't quite so extreme (it only shows the bits of the universe we know about), but it's hard not to feel humbled by this video.

Fairy cake, anyone?


Leigh said...

Grace, this really is astonishing, thank you! I need a good few fairy cakes and cups of tea to feel properly back on Planet Earth after this one. It reminded me of that passage in Bill Bryson's book about Australia in which he describes how the (completely weird) rules and details of a cricket match can provide those living in the vastness of the Outback with a much needed human perspective. I'm sure the same applies to travels in deep space. Bring on the fairy cakes!

Grace Dalley said...

Thanks, Leigh :-)
Yes, I *will* have another fairy cake.