Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Shoelace fanatic

Thanks Andrew for this wee gem, if gem is the word I want...Ian's shoelace site shows you the many options available to you when lacing your shoes.

It also details why there are almost 2 trillion possible ways of lacing a 12-eyelet boot.

And there are some very pretty lacing patterns: check out the hexagram and pentagram, just for starters.

And for those among us who struggle with the basics, there is help to avoid slipping knots and crooked bows!

What a wonderful site. :-)


Leigh said...

Very fancy - and useful! I now have a new word in my vocabulary: Aglet, and even better now know how to fix them! I've found it surprisingly hard to buy the correct length of shoelaces, even from shoe shops, where staff have seemed not to know. Amidst the complexity of information offered I *did* find the easy answer. :-) Thanks Grace.

Penelope said...

Great stuff! So men have stopped slip-knotting themselves at the throat, only to tie themselves in knots about the ankles. Vibrant male sox are in short supply (check out any Farmers store) but here's hope for hot coloured laces.

Grace Dalley said...

Hi, Leigh and Penelope, glad you like! He really makes something fascinating out of a mundane subject. And helps us tame our aglets, too. :-)